Guest Characters


Yuna Itami


Birth Date: June 10th
Height: 5'8
Residence: Aoharu City, Neo-Japan
Hobbies: Tennis, video games, babysitting
Parents: Kyoko Itami (Mother), Hayato Itami (Father; Deceased)
Siblings: Suzu Itami (Youngest Sister), Sakura Itami (Twin Sister) Linda Knight (Mid-Youngest Sister), Medea Kovack (Older Sister), Jade Ryder (Older Sister)

Likes: Help Others, her family and friends, video games

The mid-eldest daughter of the Itami Family. A sweet, honest, caring and gentle girl, always caring for others is her biggest trait. Raised by her mother Kyoko, she developed a great sense of friendship towards others, even if they don't know her. As the caring girl she is, she is always there to help someone in need, giving it everything she has without having anything in return. She is rarely known to love and collect video games, especially fighting games. With the need to help others, she was given the Power Dress to fight evil and protect the ones she loves and her city, this in turn has revealed that she is born with a powerful ability called Aura Powers which she can emit powerful energy blast.


Suzu Itami


Birth Date: April 30th
Height: 3'9
Residence: Aoharu City, Neo-Japan
Hobbies: Built Traps, do mischief, rollerskating
Parents: Kyoko Itami (Mother), Hayato Itami (Father; Deceased)
Siblings: Yuna Itami (Older Sister), Sakura Itami (Older Sister), Linda Knight (Older Sister), Medea Kovack (Older Sister), Jade Ryder (Older Sister)

Likes: Adventures, her white ribbon, candy, traps

The youngest daughter of the Itami Family. From the outside and for first impressions, she might be seen as a shy and innocent girl with a heart of gold, but after knowing her well, she is potentially the most active of the Itami Sisters. A young girl who is cheerful, sparky, hyperactive and even mischievous, she can show her true colors of who she really is, a smart girl who is able to create the most elaborate and surprising traps, from your typical traps to even the impossible, there is nothing she can't create when she puts her mind to it. A playful girl, her most valuable possession is her white ribbon on her head given to her by her mother since she was a baby, she never goes out on her adventures without it. Part of the group of the Young Adventurers, she is the one who is always planning their next adventure, either to have some fun or even save the day, her and her whole B-101 class joins her to have wacky and even exciting adventures. She is also a prankster who loves to pull out her traps to pull harmful pranks on others, as well been mischievous alongside Shiori Uemoto. Of all the Itami sisters, she is not to be taken lightly as she gets angry easily and can show her aura powers more impressively of them all. If you tick her off, she might launch a powerful energy aura projectile.


Kyoko Itami


Birth Date: October 15th
Height: 5'6
Residence: Aoharu City, Neo-Japan
Hobbies: Rollerskating, her daughters' hobbies
Parents: Not Registered
Siblings: ??????? (???), ????? (???), ??????? (???), ?????? (???)

Spouse: Hayato Itami (Husband; Deceased)

Children: Yuna Itami, Suzu Itami, Sakura Itami, Linda Knight, Medea Kovack, Jade Ryder (Daughters)

Likes: Her daughters, glasses, disco era, coffee

The mother of six daughters in the Itami Family, she is a kind and gentle woman who works hard for her 6 daughters. A rich, hard working woman, she is the President of her own bank company: the Itami Bank, as it controls most of the money in Neo-Japan. When she's not working, she enjoys spending time with her daughters and participates in their hobbies as she is eager to be with them. Her kind and gentle aura is shown more but she is also a strict mother as she dedicates her time to ensure her daughters head towards the right path.


Saki Sumeragi


Birth Date: September 10th
Height: 5'6
Residence: Aoharu City, Neo-Japan
Hobbies: Sword practice, mall shopping, teen magazines
Parents: Deceased
Siblings: Misao Sumeragi (Older Sister), Aoi Sumeragi (Younger Sister)

Likes: Her sisters, her hairpin, her friends, wolves

The mid-eldest daughter of the Sumeragi family. She is a gentle, active and smart girl. Always caring for her sisters and friends, she uses her family heritage of summoning weapons, besides the use of swords and katanas, she is an expert in using axes and swords. After losing both of her parents, she is under her older sister's care and protection. While helping her sisters with house chores, she goes out with her childhood friends to enjoy her time and as well have adventures with them. Exceeding in her grades as well being the sister of a past Student Council Member, she is assigned as the Vice-President of the Student Council at Arland Academy, for her to make sure her school is protected and safe. With her family's ability and determination, she joins her childhood friends in all sorts of adventures and protecting them as well.


Dr. Mai Nimura


Birth Date: May 3rd
Height: 5'6
Residence: Aoharu City, Neo-Japan
Hobbies: Experiments, inventions
Parents: Sekai Asagi (Adoptive Mother)
Siblings: Irene Mashiro (Sister), ?????? (???)
Likes: Her friends, Aurora, her glasses given to her by Haruka, chocolate sticks, Yuna combing her hair into twin-tails, experiments

Outside from her childhood friends, little is known about her past other than the present. An intelligent girl  at a young age, Nimura is the serious girl of the group, but can be gentle when she is with them. Serious in nature and with a silent mood, Nimura has an immense intellect, you can say that she is a genius prodigy. With her vast intelligence, she has succeeded in inventing the impossible like her human android, Aurora, the World Time Chamber, and others. Claiming the laboratory at Arland Academy as her own private sanctuary, she uses her intelligence to get more than just knowledge. There's a deep secret that she seeks, and she'll do everything she can to obtain it.


Misaki Ebihara


Birth Date: January 6th
Height: 5'5
Residence: Aoharu City, Neo-Japan
Hobbies: Reading, bicycle runs, cooking practice
Parents: Deceased
Children: Koyomi Ebihara (Biological Daughter), Akane Ebihara-Imai (Adoptive Daughter)

Likes: Her daughters, detective work, peace and quiet, biker jackets, sun hats

Ebihara is a strong and hard working woman whose passion is to stop crime. She started her career as a young cop in cleaning the streets, her exceptional skills and hard work had rewarded her to be the Chief of Police of Aoharu City and the city's best detective. Having loyal police squads, Ebihara can count on them to clean the city from corruption. When not working, she takes care of her two daughters: Akane and Koyomi, who also wants to follow their mother's footsteps and while she sees it as dangerous, she will try her best to guide them both towards the right path. Ebihara is very skilled in martial arts and has an unstoppable power in the form of the devil eyes which grants her a berserk type battle style that she has hard time to control, trying to battle herself every time to control it.


Akane Ebihara-Imai


Birth Date: February 18th
Height: 5'8
Residence: Aoharu City, Neo-Japan
Hobbies: Detective lessons, cooking, training and studying to be a detective

Parents: Misaki Ebihara (Adoptive Mother)
Siblings: Koyomi Ebihara (Adoptive Sister)
Likes: Her new family, detective related stuff, horror movies, shopping

The eldest daughter of the Ebihara family. Having lost both of her biological parents at a young age, Imai lived in her neighbor's house, but was soon taken into the custody under the Chief of Police, Detective Misaki Ebihara. A serious, but sweet, honest and strong girl, Imai have always wondered what her future would be like, until she met her once idol, heroine and inspiration to be. After being rescued by Detective Ebihara and seeing how strong she is as a cop and a detective, Imai became her number one fan and followed her around, ensuring that she wanted to be a detective when she was old enough, much to Ebihara's dismay of her encountering danger. Deep down, Imai felt Detective Ebihara less of an idol, and more of a mother figure, and thanks to Kumiko Shirafuji's actions, Ebihara took custody of Imai and they now both live together as mother and daughter, making Imai's life happier and more active. She is serious and determined girl who people always depend upon. With training consisting of her new mother, the police force, detective studies, law textbooks, and martial arts from karate to even ninja training, Imai is on a quest to be the strongest and best detective in the city, just like her mother.


Haruka Morishita-Sugimoto


Birth Date: November 10th
Height: 5'9
Residence: Aoharu City, Neo-Japan
Hobbies: Video Games, skateboarding, chilling, eating competitions

Parents: Kagura Morishita (Adoptive Mother)
Siblings: Diskette (Sister)
Likes: Video games, her skateboard, live life to the fullest, 80's and 90's catchphrases, her boots, burgers, sweaters, her mother's lasagna

Being a subject of an experimental work called "The Sugimoto Project", she was the last of her family who survived the experiment. After finally freeing herself and killing the people involved in the project, Sugimoto was found by the 1st Generation Powerful Maiden member: Kagura Morishita, who after seeing her decided to adopt her. After Morishita rescued her, Sugimoto doesn't remember her past after her unleashed state at the people who experimented on her, but she did had questions on who she was and why she was born with incredible strength. After the events with a villain named, Diana, Sugimoto discovered that she was an experiment which involves her own DNA being mixed with a wide variety of different types of creatures and monsters. After learning this, she decided to stop investigating her past and live her life to the fullest with a big smile on her face as what she always wanted to do. A carefree, chill, joyful and adventurous tomboy girl, Sugimoto does as she always wanted to do: Smile at Life, be happy and be radical with her friends and family no matter the obstacle.


Sakuya Hatori


Birth Date: December 24th
Height: 5'6
Residence: Aoharu City, Neo-Japan
Hobbies: Volleyball, gardening her home, reading ninja mangas from her niece Noa's room.

Parents: Deceased

Relatives: Noa Hatori (Niece)

Likes: White rice, ninja training, her niece Noa, her friends Sora and Mari, her garden, her wife.

She is known as the Kunoichi Maiden of Trust. Being from a family of ninjas, Hatori is the oldest member of the clan and alongside her young niece, Noa, are the last of the bloodline. She went into a foster home that has trained her in all sorts of styles and ninja martial arts, from spy training to multiple weapon training. After a successful graduation mission, Hatori was recruited by Kanade Nikaido, the founder and chief of a superheroine organization called the Powerful Maidens and had her a part of a team alongside Sora Kosaka and Mari Sasaki as the most powerful squad in the organization. Living with her young niece, Noa, she possesses three family swords: Moritsune, Muramasa and Shinobi, each with their own unique powers and abilities. A serious, cold, and strong woman, Hatori lives by the duty of her sword and live up to the Hatori name.


Shogoku Yoshihiro


Age: 37
Height: 5'5
Born: May 16th, 1983
Residence: Tokyo, Japan
Hobbies: Meditating, training, tea making, cooking
Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Haruka Yoshihiro (Older Sister; mostly evil)
Likes: Video gaming, Super Sentai shows, her fellow divas (including her wife, Li), honest people, sushi, all kinds of japanese meals

The pink haired ninja warrior from Tokyo, Japan, Yoshihiro was trained in the martial arts at a very young age on a secret dojo on Mount Fuji, along with her sister Haruka. However, just when she had lost all of her friends, thanks to her sister's killing spree, she was then found by an eccentric woman named Heather Solomon and was recruited to join the DX Divas, a group of female heroines from all around the world. Her life had gotten better since then and had met with many new friends, including having found the love of her life in Li Zhao Xie. Yoshihiro had vowed to defend the world from all kinds of evil threats and never backs down from any and all kinds of dangers that are in her way. And when not battling evil villains, she mostly takes it easy with herself by either making tea, honing her ninja and martial art skills or sometimes, playing video games. But when evil lurks around, Yoshihiro won't hesitate to jump into action, either by herself or with her fellow divas and other friends. She's a very reliable ninja warrior that the world can depend on.


Azusa Miyazaki


Age: 16
Birth Date: August 15th
Residence: Tokyo, Japan
Parents: Hiro Miyazaki (Father; Never around), Fujiko Ishige (Mother; Deceased)

Siblings: Miyuki Ishige (Sister)

Pet: Attila (Dog)
Likes: Tennis, softball, her older sister, her dog

Student & Tennis Team Captain from Ichikawa High, and when it comes to playing tennis, she play to win. She's generally an honest and reliable girl, but can get grumpy and mad very quickly over the smallest of things. Miyazaki grew up in a poor family and was very young when her parents got divorced. Her older sister, Miyuki Ishige, went to live with their mother, Fujiko, while Miyazaki continued living with their father, Hiro. The divorce was so tragic, that he forbidden her from making any contact with them. 5 years after her father trained her with their family’s secret, he started working overseas and she rarely see him anymore, so she basically had no one to call “family”. Several years later, fate played a huge role in her life, as Miyazaki made a special encounter with her older sister. Since then, she and Miyuki immediately reestablished their bond and attempt to makeup for lost times. Unfortunately, their mother died of a medical complication years during our time apart. Miyuki has since been a great influence on her in being the family that she really needed in her life. With her older sister by her side, Miyazaki is no longer alone, and she’ll make sure that nothing ever separates them again.


Yumeko Iwata


Age: 16
Birth Date: October 27th
Residence: Tokyo, Japan

Relationships: Azusa Miyazaki (Best Friend), Miyuki Ishige (Best Friend), Yuna Itami (Rival & Friend), Akari Matsuoka (Rival & Friend)


Likes: Tennis, all cute things, being Azusa's partner


Student & Tennis Team Co-Captain from Ichikawa High. People think that she act frivolous, but don't let her carefree attitude fool you, she's one of the top students at her school. She really don't like talking about her personal life to anybody and would prefer keeping it to herself. However, there is only one person that she does share some of her personal secrets with, and that’s my best friend: Azusa Miyazaki. They’ve known each other for many years, and they aren't just classmates, they’re also teammates for their school’s tennis team. She was also taught by her sister, from whom she had surpassed, a martial art called “Dim Mak”. A technique that can incapacitate, knock out, or even kill an opponent by hitting their pressure points. Unless they have a shield or sort of special defense, she will hit my target with precise precision. However, it is quite rare that she would resort to using that technique. She would have to feel REALLY threatened before coming down to that option. She really don’t like resorting to violence, but if she must...she will. As long as she draws breath, Iwata will always protect Azusa...even if she have to put her life on the line. Because together...they're inseperable.