Main Characters

Jack Johnson


Age: 17
Height: 6'2
Born: May 20, 1995
Nickname: Fast Lightning
Hobbies: Basketball, Martial Arts
Parents: Thomas "Tom" Jackson (Father), Robin Jackson (Mother)
Siblings: Anthony "Tony" Jackson (Brother)


A famous basketball player at the C.M.A. Academy, known for being the best on his team with his speed and accuracy. His dad is  a basketball assistant coach and his mom is a chef. His favorite classes are math and physical education. He's also an intermediate karate fighter, sometimes he trains with his classmate, Ryo Takano at the dojo. He met a girl named Sarah Morgan during her dancing tryouts, and he met up with her again at one of his basketball games, he knew she liked him because she shows up at most of his games and he also saw how good she was when she's dancing. He vow that as long as he's with Sarah, he won't let anything happen to her.

Sarah Morgan


Age: 17
Height: 5'8
Born: June 15, 1995

Hobbies: Dancing, Shopping
Parents: Chester Morgan (Father), Maria Morgan (Mother)

Siblings: Amy Morgan (Sister)


The eldest daughter of the Morgan family, and heiress to the Morgan fortune. She is also a student at the C.M.A. Academy, who is a smart student and a talented dancer. Her favorite classes are writing and dance class. Her father is a financial manager at a bank and her mother is a fashion designer and a ballet dancer. She met a boy named Jack Johnson during at her dancing workouts, impressed with her talents, he gave her his best compliments and she liked him from that point forward. She met up with him again at one of his basketball games, she was amazed at his speed and accuracy. She confessed her feelings for him after the game and ask him to be her boyfriend. He gracefully accepted it and she was excited about the future of their relationship.

Tyler Jackson


Age: 17
Height: 6'0
Born: May 15, 1995

Nickname: Mr. Artist

Hobbies: Drawing, Music, Basketball
Parents: Robert "Rob" Jackson (Father), Danielle Jackson (Mother)


A student from the C.M.A. Academy. He's Jack Johnson's

and Kyle Newton's best friend at the school. He enjoys rock and acoustic music so much that he wants to learn how to play a guitar and he really enjoys drawing unique art at school and during

his own free time. He is Laura Colvin's boyfriend who is

very interested in his amazing art. His friends sees him as

an artistic guy who likes to perfect his drawing skills.

He wants to use artistic skills to become a character designer

for future shows. He's a good kid and he likes to entertain

and showcase his skills to others so that they'll know how good

he truly is.

Laura Colvin


Age: 17
Height: 5'6
Born: July 7, 1995
Hobbies: Photography, Shopping, Dancing, Volleyball
Parents: Jake Colvin (Father), Alissa Colvin (Mother)


A student from the C.M.A. Academy, who is interested in volleyball and photography. She is Sarah Morgan's and Jessie Watson's 

best friend at the school. She really enjoys going out to

many places to not only go out to shop for clothes, but also

take great snapshots of buildings, sceneries and the lakefront.

She was interested in a boy named Tyler Jackson, when he was drawing some unique art, she is currently his girlfriend.

She's a member of the C.M.A. Academy's Photography Club,

in charge of capturing activities occurring around the school.

She wants to explore the many fascinating places around the world and cherish those memories for many years to come.

Kyle Newton


Age: 17
Height: 6'0
Born: April 8, 1995
Parents: Gary Newton (Father), Hayley Newton (Mother)
Hobbies: Video Games, Exercising, Basketball


A student from the C.M.A. Academy, who wants to hone his skills in video games, especially with his girlfriend, Jessie Watson,

who is a formidable opponent to him. He is best friends with

Jack Johnson, Tyler Jackson, and Ryo Takano at the academy, too. Outside of playing games, he likes to go to a fitness center to keep his body in check. He's an athletic, cool, mellow type of guy

who enjoys sports and body building. He wants to become

a fitness coach to show others what exercises he does to

keep himself in shape. He'll do whatever he can to keep himself

in top performance for any activity that comes before him.

Jessica Watson


Age: 17
Height: 5'6
Born: August 7, 1995
Hobbies: Video Games, Dancing, Drawing, Tennis
Parents: Steve Watson (Father), Miranda Watson (Mother)


A student from the C.M.A. Academy who really enjoys playing video games a lot, no matter what it is. She is best friends with Sarah Morgan and Laura Colvin at the academy.

Her favorite classes are writing and art class; she has 

a thing for creativity. She also has a thing for tennis, as well. 

She has a boyfriend named, Kyle Newton, who's also a hard core gamer and challenges her in a series of video games to perfect

her skills and to prove that she's the better gamer between them.

She's cool, spunky, and fun to hang around with. She wants to become a great gamer to compete in major tournaments

and beat some of the most well-known players in the country.

Whoever she faces, she's ready to get her game on!

Ryo Takano


Age: 17
Height: 6'0
Born: October 3, 1995
Nickname: The Auburn Warrior
Hobbies: Martial Arts, Reading, Meditation
Parents: Edward Takano (Father), Miya Takano (Mother)


A young martial arts student from the C.M.A. Academy,

whose father is an expert and receives more training from him because he is also his teacher at the school.

He is also Yuna Itami's sensei, as well as Shogoku Yoshihiro's partner when it comes to helping out Yuna with her training

and her battles. He has learned many martial art skills

throughout his years with the teachings of his father and others, and he wants to use those skills to make a name for himself

and teach his students everything he knows. He wants to discover his own path to his destiny as a martial artist and he won't let anyone stop him from achieving that goal.

Christina Roberts


Age: 17
Height: 5'7
Born: October 9, 1995
Hobbies: Tennis, Golf, Shopping, Exercising
Parents: Gerald Roberts (Father), Cassandra Roberts (Mother)


The Captain of the C.M.A. Academy's Tennis Team, who lead the school to 3 national championships. Her best skills are in tennis, she wipes out the competition that stands before her. She's been loving tennis for a long time and has been playing the sport since she was 11 years old. She is a very skilled player. When she's not playing tennis, she enjoys going out shopping. With the support of her friends, she can accomplish anything.


Amy Morgan


Age: 13

Height: 4’6

Residence: Chicago, IL

Hobbies: Dancing, drawing, reading

Parents: Chester Morgan (Father), Maria Morgan (Mother)

Siblings: Sarah Morgan (Sister)

Likes: Drawing, fashion designing, double dutch, pop music, comedy, drama


The youngest daughter of the Morgan family. Who like her sister, was trained by their mother, Maria, to become a great dancer. But unlike Sarah who wants to carry on their mother’s legacy, she wants to do the things that their mother is currently doing, and that’s becoming a fashion designer. She enjoys dancing, but after trying out clothing after clothing designed by their mother, and the way they were made, she wanted to design clothing of her own and have them brought to reality through their mother’s business. She loves art because her mother’s clothing is art. She attends her classes at the Grand Phoenix School of Arts, hoping to better her skills as an artist, and to attend her sister’s high school. She’s a smart student, and a friendly & sophisticated girl, who wants to do everything she can to succeed.