Production Team

Meet the production team behind the characters and episodes of Pure Bond.


Shaquille Hawkins


Shaquille Hawkins is the creator, writer, producer, editor, and director of Pure Bond. He also provides the story's narrations, as well. He was born, raised, and currently resides in Chicago, Illinois. Growing up, he loved cartoons and Japanese animation. He also enjoys drawing manga style art, and throughout the years has vastly improved on his illustrations.

Since starting the audio series back in 2014, Hawkins has gained some acting and voice-over experiences, taking three semesters of acting classes, and two semesters of voice-over classes. He even landed a role on an original anime series, Nesia: Legend of Cosieda by Jeffery Herbert, providing the voice of the series main antagonist, Vane. 


But his true talent is editing. Throughout the past few years, he had gained knowledge on how to edit audio and video to make them as he sees fit. He has worked on a variety of fandubs and comic dubs, and even made some animations, too.


He graduated from John J. Pershing Magnet School,

the University of Chicago Charter School, Kennedy-King College, and now Chicago State University, with a Bachelor's Degree in Media Arts. He currently works as a Sports Public Address Announcer at Chicago State, announcing a variety of sports, but he still has a passion of becoming a professional voice actor.




Known on the internet as "RedFalcon23" or "Red," he is a writer, character designer and storyteller. He's also a co-director, co-producer, and co-writer of Pure Bond, and the character creator of Yuna, Suzu & Kyoko Itami, Saki Sumeragi, Mai Nimura, Misaki Ebihara, Akane Ebihara-Imai, Haruka Morishita-Sugimoto, and Sakuya Hatori. He resides in Mexico, working in IT Management and Communications. His focus within his creations is a world building which involves adventures and anime like battles with his cast of characters. He has 500 different characters from police, pirates, aliens, sorceress, ninjas and more, all of them considered to be the main character in a way. Red doesn't consider himself an artist but more of an entertainer, as he loves to write and entertain people. Besides adventures and battle anime stories, he also create funnies which involved my characters in a slice of life situations with some jokes and even homages and parodies of certain TV shows, movies or video games.




Eric B. or better known as "shnoogums5060," is a character designer, writer, and storyteller. He's also a co-director of Pure Bond and the character creator of Shogoku Yoshihiro. He's an old school gamer and the creator of the DX Divas Show stories, that can only be seen in DeviantArt. Eric was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He started writing these stories mostly in May of 2011, while also enjoying drawing, which he had begun showing those in late September of 2009, a few months after he had joined DeviantArt in May 2009. He introduced the DX Divas characters back in late February 2010, starting with Shogoku and then, bringing more of them afterwards. Lately, Eric started introducing a newer group of female characters known as the Neo Damsels (first seen as brainwashed villains known as the Neo Dark Genesis), although their series of stories will mostly begin in 2021. He personally enjoy playing video games, which he had done since the Atari 2600 days, back in 1983 and soon jumped on the Nintendo bandwagon in 1988, from which he became a fanboy of the Nippon gaming company since then. Eric also worked in an adapted work company, mostly in a workplace that employs people with functional limitations (he is an autist, by the way) and has been working there since 1995, thus for 25 years now.




Known on the internet as "Pyrites1," he is a character designer, a co-director of Pure Bond, and the character creator of Azusa Miyazaki and Yumeko Iwata. He works in the automotive business in the Detroit Area. After getting to know fellow co-director, "RedFalcon23" on DeviantArt, Pyrites gradually started creating characters and collaborating with him and the "universe" he has created. Like Red, he doesn't consider himself an artist. His work on DeviantArt has just been a side hobby. His true favorite hobby has been history, particularly Native American history.